brutus #racist

Trump is a jew tool. Listen to any of his speeches and you'll hear him warmongering like a dutiful little patriotard. He yells, "We'll build a powerful military to crush Isis!" One could hear the jews popping boners all over the world lusting over that line!
Those of us here remember how the jew commies controlled the U.S.S.R. And how the jews made the Soviets bankrupt themselves into oblivion paying for an untenable and unwinnable war with the Islamic nation. Elect Trump and we'll see America follow in the U.S.S.R.'s footsteps. The Islamic nations may crack under the weight of an all out war with America. And let's say jew-controlled America and the West win. That will allow the jew's full attention to be focused on the genocide of the White race and once we're gone the jew will have a Brazilian-like global shithole from which to feed. Easy to control. No more intelligent opposition. And they get to rule the world with the least amount of effort. Trump is a stepping stone to this end.



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