Rebecca Brown #fundie

One of Satan's biggest tools in our country today is the occult role-playing fantasy games which have become so popular. Satan is using these games to produce a vast army of intelligent young people—an army that the antichrist will be able to tap into and control in an instant. Through involvement in these games, people can be controlled by demons without them ever realizing what is happening. In many states, these games are used as part of the curriculum for the more intelligent students. Almost every school has extracurricular clubs specifically for students to play these games. In essence, these games are crash courses in witchcraft. Unfortunately, the participants do not realize this until it is too late.

Most games have a leader who plans the overall course of each game. The game is an adventure where many battles are fought with various "monsters" and "beings,"each having its own abilities or characteristics. There are numerous manuals available with pictures and details about the characters' unique abilities. The players are supposed to "visualize" the action of the game in their minds. The better they are at "seeing" the action and anticipating the moves of the "monsters" and the other players, the more they excel in the game.

What people don't realize is that these monsters are actually demons. They think they are visualizing in their minds, but they are really beginning to see the spirit world in action. The better they become at "seeing" the game, the more in-tune they are with the spirit world. The imagination is a key in their communication with the spirit world. I do not know at what point the players are possessed with demons, but I have worked with many young people who have yet to meet anyone on the level of game leader who was not indwelt by demons and knew it.They will, of course, lie about this. A number told me that the demons would come and talk to them, and that they would invite the more intelligent demons to come in to gain more power.

The more advanced manuals detail spells, incantations, and satanic writing that is used by witches and warlocks of the Brotherhood itself. All who play the games feel a strange fascination and power about them. Few realize what a trap it is, completely deceived. How many of our young people who were once active and enthusiastic interest in the Lord as a result of playing this type of game? More will never come to a saving knowledge of Jesus because of the demonic bondage they induce while playing these games.



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