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Trump has placed stronger sanctions on Russia than Obama or Bush ever did.

Trump sent tanks to the Ukraine. Obama sent blankets.

Obama was president when Crimea was annexed and did nothing.

Obama looked the other way and chided Trump for thinking our elections could be meddled with.

Obama knew before election Russia was interfering and did not want to do anything. He and Susan Rice told the agencies to stand down.

Russia knows there is a different sheriff in town now. They did all the above because of obama's weakness.

Trump killed 200 Russians in Syria when Russian military was where they shouldn't be and putting our military in danger.

Trump killed the Iran deal which infuriated Russia...Putin loved Obama for that.

Trump just made NATO stronger...which Russia hates.

Trump just made it public that Merkel was buying Russian oil...maybe causing some pressure on her to stop. At least he made it public so we see what she is up to while not paying her fair share to NATO.

I do not trust the FBI or CIA to stop Russian meddling in next election because I think they hate Trump so much they will want it to look like his fault. They hate Trump more than they care about this country. Trump has put them on notice to get the FBI IT on top of it. This is just my suspicion.we will see.

What previous policies did the President denounce?

Were you concerned when Obama told Putin he would have more flexibility after elections...probably to loosen up sanctions?

Or when obama stood with his thumb up his rear as Russia annexed Crimea?




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