Bruce Lacey #conspiracy

[Bernie Sanders fails to win California primary]

Tim Carmain what about the 10's of millions who have been supressed. During this matter? Funny how, even in California, where they expected very high turnout. We still only had what 4 million turn out? Last I looked about 12 to 13 million registered voters, I think almost a million in the last 6 months. What's that If that's high.. I would hate to see low. The real "sketchy" part is Clinton's clear domination of mail-in ballots. She had a 400,000 lead at the start of Cali, and 90% more layer, she is still ahead by just as many votes. They shouldn't even have, so called count the other counties. Until elections are open and transparent.. I put nothing past, no one. What would you do for the highest office in the land?



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