Fr. John+ #racist

” To become a citizen of the State of Israel (generally speaking), one must be a Jew, either a native-born Jew or a diaspora Jew with a certification of Jewish heritage issued by a religious authority recognized by the State of Israel.” – Blind leading the blind

Again, Robert, you use analogies that have no basis in real world life, and expect it to be useful? As Freedman, Koestler, and Sand have clearly demonstrated (even though John Hagee-like fools deny it) ‘A Jew is not a jew’ as the Scriptures say, and this ‘law’ is as spurious as their ethnicity, faith, and spurious ‘chosenite’ status.

For, if you make ‘whiteness’ a criterion for Dixie 2.0, and Whites start making their ‘aliyah’ to the ‘Promised Land’ of Dixie (look away, look away!), what is to stop the very same disingenuous liberals, fags, and Jews (who ‘look white’ as they often tell us!) from infecting the Body Politic, all over again????

“No one would be required to show proof of citizenship merely to reside in the PSR, of course; there would be no “papers, please” to attract accusations of oppression. ”

Hell, YES, there better DAMN WELL be papers! What are you on, that you would think/presume non-Whites, and wiggerized Whites act in the same moral framework as Christian Europeans do? Might it be the fallacious Vat II religion? Methinks it is.

And, secondly, why do we give a rat’s *ss about ‘what other people/nations’ think of us, anyway? I recently read the list of the nations that voted to give Palestine ‘status’ and it read largely like the roster of the EU- I think the ‘Jews’ expiration day’ is fast approaching, so we don’t have to worry about ‘what will Merkel et al. think.’ In addition, all of the countries of the EU (Except for Jante-law Scandinavia) have said, ‘Multiculturalism is a complete failure’- so, mud-slinging from those who are tainted with the same form of ‘racism’ means little to nothing.

All the “Capitalist” Countries want, is access to our purchasing dollars. In a White Dixie 2.0, can you IMAGINE the WEALTH that could be created, with an influx of ‘true believers’ that have a)intelligence, b)morality, c) cultural cohesion? It would be the British Empire, in steroids, within two generations!

And your RC sensibilities, are concerned with ‘what the Nig-nog, Chink, or THpanish Envoys might think? Puh-leez. Go fiddle on your knees, counting on your rosaries, for all the good your opinions might have.



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