John, Halton #fundie

Christmas is Christian - if you are not prepared to respect it then ruddy well get lost and have the guts to invent your own festivity. And please don't come the pc garbage about Christians turning the other cheek. How very convenient for you! Christians have always been for righteousness and justice. So keep pushing pc brigage, keep pushing - but just remember, what goes around comes around. And your immoral filth will not go unnoticed. And you can read that anyway you like. It's time for a counter revolution: BRING BACK MORALITY (that's right, the dreaded 'M' word) TO ENGLAND!!! We Christians made this country. We made Europe. We gave you civlisation and you puke all over it. And you know what you can do with your cowardly snide comments about Christian hypocrisy and all the rest of it. At least we believe in something. The snide merchants? Total nihilists without either the guts or the brass to stand up for what they really want: narcisistic anarchy. What a bunch of wimps!!



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