Craig Oxley #racist

Yes I do hate living in Birmingham, and I'd hate living in most places with these lands including many European countries also riddled with non-whites destroying our once great lands. A good example is France, although not a Protestant country it has certainly been destroyed by the Blacks as evidenced by the rioting not so long back twice. Yes we know British SIS using British SAS were behind the organisation but thats not the point. I wouldn't like to meet you in real life, it's bad enough hearing diversity crap on the TV and Internet without the flesh also. Thats why I try to surround myself with thinking white people locally, who all see what the blacks have done to our once fine country. The only problem is that most of these people do not realise above this about who allowed these apes to enter our fine once great and prosperous land. I feel sick being amongst all the blacks in this City, they've ruined everything just as the Jesuit wished.



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