Anna Diehl #fundie

The miracle of life begins the very second that a sperm enters an egg. At that moment, drastic changes happen to the egg, other sperm are blocked from entering it, and the great mystery of human life begins. To try and deny that this is the beginning of a human being simply because it doesn’t look like a human being is wrong. A tadpole doesn’t look like a frog, yet it is still a frog in the making. To kill a tadpole, is to kill a frog, and to kill a fertilized human egg, is to kill a human being.

Trying to tell God when we think the evolving human becomes advanced enough to meet our approval is utterly obnoxious. He has made the creation of humans a continuous, ongoing process which begins the moment sperm and egg meet. So then, when it comes to murdering our infants, we commit abortion anytime we intentionally destroy a fertilized egg. This means that any form of birth control which does harm to a fertilized egg is a weapon of murder, and must be considered morally unacceptable for Christians. On the other hand, forms of birth control which prevent sperm and egg from ever meeting can be considered morally acceptable, since no life is being destroyed. On their own, a human egg and a human sperm will never create a human being, just as an amputated arm will never grow back the body it was separated from. We are not committing murder when we discard a man’s arm, nor are we committing murder when we destroy eggs or sperm.

Even though it is morally acceptable for a Christian to use certain forms of birth control, God might direct you as an individual down a different course of action. Some Christians feel strongly convicted that it is morally unacceptable to try and interfere with God’s creation process in anyway. If this is how you feel, you need to obey your convictions. If God specifically tells a man not to use condoms, then the man needs to obey those clear instructions. But before you obey any instructions, you need to make sure that they are actually coming from God and not just from people or Satan.

In the Church, Christians have become far too slack about the issue of birth control. Some have talked themselves into believing it is fine to slaughter a human in the making, as long as they do it within a certain window of time. This is a lie from Satan. God has allowed us to invent amazing tools with which we have been able to film the entire conception process live with a camera right inside the female womb. If in doing this, we had observed the exact moment when the soul enters the body, then we could make a sound argument for a human embryo being “not quite human” before it received its soul. But as it is, God does not show us any such moment. It is an utter mystery to us how soul and body come together. What we do know for certain is that the soul of a child is very much present inside his mother’s womb. In the Bible, John the Baptist was still in his mother’s womb when he had a spiritual reaction to being in the Presence of unborn Jesus. Both babies were not yet born, yet they were spiritually communicating somehow. Such a story should make us quite reverent of the whole creation process. Since God is intentionally not telling us how soon the soul gets involved in the creation process, we must play it safe and assume that it could come the very moment an egg becomes fertilized. There is no possible grounds on which we can argue that the soul is not present from the very moment that the formation of a physical body begins. This being the case, we should be most fearful of flushing fertilized eggs from the body as if they are so much garbage. To treat life in such a disrespectful manner is to insult God.



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