Pendragon #fundie

(Responding to another fundie who says he went to see "Paranormal Activity")

You open doorways to the demons that way.. and there probably was one or many there... In opening these doorways it is just like inviting satan to come live with you... just because you went home also doesn't mean the demonic forces didn't come with you and while prayer can work it still can be present in your home... You must call on the name of christ that all evil be commanded to leave your house and yourself and through that power in christ be banned.. This will help in driving them out but remember those chills you had are called discernment.. No I won't go see it as it's only purpose is to open the door to the Occult and to the demonic forces there are no ghosts nor familar spirits... I would encourge you to actively and openly discuss this with your pastor.. Do not let pride fear or shame deter you from that nor isolate you away from your church family



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