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[Not that i approve of it but homosexuality has been proven to be a natural phenomenon, even in insects and mamals, not some bullshit you decide to "take on". (well, maybe for some people in this age but still...)]

Down's Syndrome is a natural phenomenon. As is the Negroid tendency to rape. Or psychopathy. Cancer is natural too. People with IQs below 80 are naturally occuring. So is the Jew. I think that's all the more reason to want to get rid of them. That's only natural, since making decisions is also natural to humans.

I'll add that I have never read of any cases of animals engaging in this abherrant sexual behaviour under normal conditions in the wild. In case you're wondering, animals in captivity are not under normal conditions in the wild.

[Only maniacs or americunts get pissed about what people do when they can't see/hear them and it doesn't influence their lives in any way. ]

These words are typical of a Eurofag. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=eurofag They've been so indoctrinated into liberalism that its second nature to them. Their moral sense has been entirely suppressed. Even the "right wing" is full of the decadent thought Lechrac is espousing. Make no mistake, a lesser degree of decadence is still decadence. That explains why there are so many faggots flying the pink Swastika over there. It goes without saying that the only reason a faggot becomes involved with "Nazis" is the excitement, sexual or otherwise. That's why there is no room for faggots amongst us. There is no such thing as a genuine faggot.



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