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Run, Do Not Walk, Just GO!!!
June 25th, 2018, 05:40 PM

Went to wedding in Ohio. We stayed in a La Quinta outside of Cincinnati and drove over the border into Kentucky 2 days in a row. First day we went to The Ark. Second day to the Creation Museum. I was so shocked. I had really not heard anything about these 2 places. They were AWESOME. At Creation Museum attended a 1 hour talk by Ken Ham entitled "How to take the Gospel to our Secularized Culture" and then was in the audience for the 1/2 hour programme of "Answers News". These 2 events are included in the price of admission. I was so shocked because my husband works at a large church and we have never heard about these places. I have tried for years to get my husband to pay attention to the awful teaching/preaching of very popular pastors/teachers and he has refused to listen. Oh, my goodness. Ken Ham in the 1 hour talk showed 5 videos of Andy Stanley saying just really unbiblical stuff. Kevin was really shocked. I said to him afterwards "Do you see why I try to show you all this stuff?" and he said yes. He asked me to find these video clips on Andy Stanley and I did on Ken Ham's website and sent them to him. He is going to review these with 2 pastors at our church. I finally feel like I have had a breakthrough getting my husband to understand what is going on.

Of note at the Creation museum....they have an exhibit on what happened at Mt. St. Helen's. Eleven years after it blew they did Potassium Argon dating of the lava spills and the results said that the event happened about 250,000 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the 11 years actual interval.

The Ark answered so many questions and shows that what Genesis describes can actually be built. So, much for children and young adults to learn. Ken Ham said that the day we were at the Ark a boy was saved after watching one of the two movies they have.

I wish I could drag my whole extended family there. Go there everyone and take as many family members as you can!!!!

Oh, and the reason I say "Run" is that Ken Ham says the LGBT etc. faction is trying to shut down both sites. So there is no guarantee that they will be there say in 3 years.



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