Max Kennedy #fundie

And Hillary actually is a witch btw. The seance Hillary Clinton had in the WH to "channel" dead people was a real seance, although it was palmed off as cute, I personally know it wasn't because two of her friends who were there helping Hillary do it were involved in the occult. Look it up in the news from the 90s.

One of her friends there, Jean Houston, threatened me and another friend from posting on it. She blamed us "for keeping it in the news". I guess the truth hurts. But Jean Houston was running a pagan mystery school for rituals and trance states, had done a bunch of researched publication on the same, and also did research for the government on LSD when they were still officially doing that. It's all still online. Even Wikipedia mentions some of it, look it up.

This is real witchcraft. And a presidential candidate who goes under a trance state so effective that "she is someone else" - by someone who specialized all her life in it, and runs a mystery school over it, is person that needs no place in our government. There is no telling "who" or "what" is controlling her.



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