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I must thank you profusely for your insightful posts. The interracial marriage discussions are of particular interest to me as a product of miscegenation. My father is a Jew and my mother Chinese. I am a college-age male living at home and my parents have been fighting recently with the looming threat of divorce. They mostly argue when they think I cannot hear, but their voices carry through the walls.

In one argument my mother accused my father of being a racist who doesn’t care about Chinese culture. He accused her in turn of only marrying him out of rebellion, not love. Both are probably correct to a certain degree.
My grandparents sent my uncle to convince my mother not to marry my father and none of her family attended their wedding. My mother was a careerist, an executive for the telephone company, and my father has told me they would often fight when my sister and I were children because she was neglecting her role as a nurturer. I am not close to my relatives on either side and my sister is a card-carrying feminist. Consequently, I feel my father is the only real family I have. My father has also confided that he wanted more children, but my mother wanted to wait, so they could not.

My sister and I were born when my parents were in their thirties and successive attempts at procreation failed. He has made it my duty to give him enough grandchildren to make up for his failure, especially considering my sister does not want children. He has even told me not to marry someone like my mother, but someone much sweeter.

Miscegenation has resulted in the gift of intelligence for me and I have no self loathing. Still I would not recommend it to anyone. Any future marriage and children I have will be products of miscegenation by default. After experiencing life with my mother and sister, I am greatly considering expatriating to find a wife. I want a family to provide meaning to my work, but more importantly better prospects for a future heir. In Western societies women prefer below average men. If I were to go to China there would be issues of the one-child policy, not for me, but for my progeny. If I were to go to Malaysia my children would be subject to corporal punishment in schools. Vietnam is an option. But the best woman I have known, the one who got away, was a Polish immigrant classmate. She was very intelligent and devoutly Catholic. She wrote poetry and would teach me sign language and the genus/species names of animals. Eastern Europe is a consideration, but Latin America has been my main focus recently. If I am lucky enough to find a compatible country to start a family, I will advise any son to marry a local girl, like his mother.

For more insight on the reasons for interracial marriage I will present my own hypothesis for my father. His favorite artist is Paul Gauguin. He has a poor relationship with his own mother, so he saw women of his own race in a negative light. Instead he longed for a woman like Gauguin’s Polynesian muses and found a suitable Oriental substitute. My mother has retained her beauty in age, but my parents nevertheless have an existential incompatibility of values. My father fell in love with an image and failed to see that it merely masked the type of woman he wished to avoid.



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