Pastor QT #fundie

Once you make up your mind to go to Jesus for your freedom the ever scheming enemy makes frantic last ditch efforts in a diabolic attempt to discourage you. Here are the top five things you should expect: 

#1: Expect your condition to get worse. By making your condition to deteriorate or seem to be taking a downward spiral the enemy is trying to force you to walk by sight not by faith. Once that happens you throw your hands up in the air in exasperation and say, “It’s no use, I am done!” 

#2: Expect to be laughed at. It’s the nature of the enemy to laugh to scorn. Sanballat and Tobiah laughed off Nehemiah’s valiant building efforts. On the cross our Lord was also scolded by people. Close friends, family, workmates or even church mates (how tragic!) will make you the target of their jokes just because you think the root of your problem is demonic and you want to seek help. 

#3: Expect the meeting or minister to be attacked. You may hear that the venue has been changed suddenly or that the meeting has been postponed or has been cancelled all together. You might hear funny stories or allegations about the deliverance minister in question. The minister may be struck down by a mysterious ailment and thus fail to make it for the meeting. 

#4: Expect to be attacked yourself. A freak accident may happen to you or someone close to you so that you are grounded and fail to go for that decisive deliverance meeting. Your finances may suddenly dry up forcing you to cancel that long awaited trip that should deliver your freedom.

#5: Expect a big deliverance scandal to break out. A negative deliverance story may be all over the media thrusting into your heart like a sharp dagger. A person who was allegedly abused during ministry may go public or a minister who makes people pay big bucks for ministry may be exposed. A video capturing a brutal deliverance may be released on the internet. 

Don’t fall for any of these desperate efforts by the enemy to distract you from your goal of freedom. See through all the lies and press in for your miracle. 



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