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I've known for quite a bit of my life that God has blessed me with the gift of discernment. I am able to immediately tell if someone near me or in my presence is evil. My daughter, now 20, is also blessed with this gift. Once I pray for someone that the enemy is preying on, the spiritual battle begins. I have literally fought demons and wrestled them in my "sleep". My husband has woken me up out of concern when this occurs. My daughter has the same issues. Although, we are always victorious in these battles simply by using the pure name of Jesus, it is exhausting. Does anyone else deal with this?

We are both so sensitive to spiritual warfare going on around us that many times, we just have to leave wherever we are. It becomes unbearable. I always pray for the protection of my family, etc. before going into prayer for someone that I know is struggling with the enemy. I knew the enemy quite well when I was young, he used to visit me nightly before I knew anything of Christ. I thank God for the power of Jesus and the fact that I know the truth about the devil.

An interesting note, my daughter is a Biblical Studies Major and she tells me that it is extremely rare for the subject of spiritual warfare to even come up in class. Actually, from what she tells me, she is the only one of the group in her department that she knows of that has had dealings with it. I'm just really curious as to whether or not anyone here has had personal experience with this as well.



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