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I learned from Dr. Scott/Elias that the all the governments in both Americas were created by lost tribe Israelites. The all the governments in both americas are subject to the Emperor Pope Francis a psychiatrist and psychologist, the WHO world health organization, its serpent on its flagpole is their god the satan. Obama and the British Queen arc subject to the Satanic Pope Francis, the word abomination in revelation refers to pharmaceutical products like drugs are satanic. Dr. Scott smoked cigars by choice, Jesus and the apostles didn't use nor distribute drugs to heal/theraputize anyone.

Jesus The Christ was The Potter in making the cops make him naked on the cross. Do the U.S. Vancouver police arrest Playboy bunnies for being naked in magazines or those in Penthouse magazine? When Dr. Scott died, 1 wrote my only letter about the Bible while I lived in Morden, Manitoba, it was a one page letter, no copies, two federal police, the RCMP saw me putting it behind a stop sign, no trial, no judge, I was put in a psychiatric jail in Winkler for about a month, I was put in solitary confinement, I had to piss and shit on the floor while someone once a day would come in and clean the mess, there was no toilet, don't worry about satanic government employees, they shall be cast into the lake of fire. The two world wars was infighting in the devil's global kingdom, the all the soldiers didn't pay the true teacher/preachers of the Bible, the Christian soldiers killed didn't pay the true teachers/preachers and Jesus The Christ put them the all into the ades/hades/hell.



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