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1. “I’m right and you are wrong”.

2. Never admit that you are wrong, even if you really are.

3. When you have nothing to say, hurl insults.

4. Regard and portray your own violence, whether physical, psychological,
or verbal, at all times as defensive.

5. Specific example for 4.: Cry for “freedom from religion”, but whenever
followers of other faiths want the same freedom and courts agree, scream

6. Be prepared at all times to lie and bluster, particularly when backed
into a corner in an argument

7. When caught lying, always accuse the opposition of lying rather than
be honest and admit the obvious
8. Never accept responsibility for any mess you have personally caused.

9. When you are forced to admit to an error, regard the whole process of
error and correction as part of atheisms failure for you and not as a
something for which you should apologise retract or make amends except
verbally and secretly to yourself

10. Always see yourself and you personal actions as part of no ones plans for
the world. Recognise that even your errors are just part of being a vertabrate monkey out of the premordial slugde

11.Profess humility but avoid the actual experience of it.

12.Refuse to take in information that differs from your own view and
oppose all such information through classification of such information in
a derogatory and simplistic manner(eg by categorising it as right wing

13.Refuse to accept that truth is not black and white; that reality is
complex and there are shades of grey

14.Refuse to forgive anyone else for anything because you have no moral compass guiding you.



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