Frank Toliver #racist

Women and mental faggots can only go on emotion; only the rarest women use their brain.

This is the reason why the jew must not be allowed to exploit or corrupt our women, or even come in contact with them. Once a thought is embedded in the brain of a woman it is enveloped in their emotion, and attacking a woman's 'ideas' (whatever was told to her by an authority figure/coached as good to her or pounded into her brain via propaganda as being the cool/trendy/right thing to do/be) is attacking a woman's emotions which are the core of their being. So attacking a woman's bad ideas is considered equal to attacking her. That makes you the bad person. So many women go to the grave with false beliefs, and that is why they must be protected from jewish influences just like a gun needs to be locked up, lest it be used against you.



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