Valley Forge Christian College #fundie

• Students are permitted to view movies with the rating up to “PG13” and
“TV14”. Students are not permitted to keep or view movies that are rated “R”,
“TVMA” or higher.
• Unrated movies that have an “R” rating or “TVMA” (or higher) counterpart are
also not permitted.
• Music with violent, profane, vulgar, sexually explicit lyrics or that has a “Parental Advisory, Explicit Content” warning label is prohibited.
• Games with an “Adult Only” rating are not permissible. Other games, which
may contain questionable material, should be played at low volumes and
should not be heard outside of a student’s residence hall room. All forms of
gambling are prohibited.
Any dancing in social settings such as clubs, bars and lounges is considered inappropriate and is not permitted. This does not prohibit modest dancing at appropriate non-VFCC
sponsored events and cultural settings such as family celebrations or formal occasions
such as weddings and balls. Performance or athletic choreography is permitted by students involved in public presentation of drama, music and cultural performances as well as
scheduled classes.



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