Brian Price #fundie

To explain how evolution is impossible, let's take for example an XBOX 360. Let's give it a female counterpart for good luck. If you put them in a house full of food and fresh water, and then give them millions of years, do you think they will ever give birth to a Play Station 3?

No, of course not. The same impossibility applies to any animal today. If you take two dogs, and let them breed for millions of years, are they ever going to produce a non-dog? Like a bird, or a chimpanzee? No, of course not. They will always give birth to a dog.

Here's another example:

Now, my wife is black, and I am white. And the odds of her giving birth to a child... that has wings... is slim to none. Now, in evolution the change has to be beneficial to the species. And flying would be a great benefit. But that's impossible... UNLESS... WE TRY OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS!

Yes, that's it! The magic formula for evolution is MILLIONS OF YEARS!

We can clearly see from these two examples that evolution is impossible. There is absolutely no logical proof for evolution.


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