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I've spoken a little on here about our situation. We have several grown children and several grandchildren. Our children are professing Christians.
Over the course of many years things have gotten worse and worse in our relationship with them.
We no longer attend church, it's been over 10 years due to wife's health.
Our children have grown away from us and want nothing to do with us.... we don't see them or the grandchildren.
Even our unbelieving family members want nothing to do with us.
Our children are involved in our extended families life, but not ours and of course involved with the church which also over the course of the many years that we have not been able to attend church, no one in the church has reached out to us.
I've mentioned before that we've tried to reach out to them, but, to no avail we've gotten no phone calls, visits or anything.
Our children visit to our town and visit with their in-laws and the church.
I've brought this to the church board, but, was dismissed!

We are so heartbroken over this and we know Scripture, but, we are SO heartbroken, finding it SO hard, even with God's promises to hold on.
What is going on in the Church?
Is it possible that a whole Church, it's Pastors, Elders and all the members are not true Christians?
Really need some encouragement to go on, it's been a really difficult couple of years.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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