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I'm pro educated females. All the girls I had a thing for went to college or had some form of higher education, I like a female who is able to talk about various subjects.

I believe it's beneficial to educate females and orient them to specific jobs (social, nurturing, assistant etc.). Now It should be a lot closer to how it was in the 50's than now - absolutely and motherhood should be propagandized as well as essential to their happiness - but overall there is no reason to not use the females unique verbal intellectual specialism and nurturing nature in the work force. Part-time (up to 3-4 days at least). Some would still be working full time but it shouldn't be necessary for most (most wouldn't want it after becoming a mother anyway).

I don't believe women should vote on subjects of essence nor that they should be part of political parties. That's because they lack the visual intelligence and leadership quality on average for it to be beneficial to the nation and I believe only the better half of the white male population should be able to vote about such fundamental aspects of a society - with only the top half of the better half actually deciding / leading.

I agree it's not women but the propaganda for decades now which has created this current situation. That propaganda was started and increased by an Alien race created by males mostly - not females (that increased later though).



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