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Interestingly, just as Spengler predicted in Decline of the West, as our civilization gets farther from its foundational texts, i.e. its myths are analyzed out of existence, the more things fall apart.

I'm not a Christian but I know wisdom when I see it, and there is a good reason this wisdom was written down a long time ago. Humans have not really changed biologically in 10,000 years or more...but our surroundings have seen rapid and revolutionary changes in that time. Civilization has sprung up, and as Freud pointed out, much of the daily struggle man has results from the combatting tendencies of his animal nature vs. the demands of civilization. (Love him or hate him, I think Freud was basically right in Civilization and Its Discontents.)

Religions can be valuable as ways to try and control some of man's (and woman's) nature. Like it or not, as we have lost touch with religion in our society, the worse things have become and the worse they're going to get.



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