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Please join me in this prayer of protection and request that BO be supernaturally blocked
My sister just called and asked me to post here for we Christians to pray and visualize a wall between Obama and the presidency that he cannot penetrate.

Please join with me as we visualize this impenatrable wall that will stop Obama while protecting us from the evil he represents.

Dear Father God,

We join together and are humbly pleading that you will protect us ,your children. Please separate Barak Obama from the POTUs by a supernatural wall that he cannot penetrate.

Let the wall that he cannot penetrate be a barrier of protection for we that belong to you and that are covered by the blood.

I pray that the precious blood of your Son Jesus cover this wall and not allow Obama to pass into the presidency.

We ask this is name of our Savior, Jesus Christ-

Amen and Amen



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