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Big Pharma’s Nefarious Control of Health Care. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Everybody should be aware by now of the large amount of control that for-profit multinational corporations have over both state and federal legislative bodies and most of our congressional and presidential politicians (except for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein). But they also have a lot of control over the major media, the “defense” spending priorities at the Pentagon, America’s educational institutions, many of our medical schools and even what constitutes post-graduate medical education for physicians.

For-profit corporate influences on for-profit medicine and for-profit “blue ribbon panels” explains much of what is regarded as the very profitable “standard of care” in medicine today. It also explains the prescribing habits and politics of many of us physicians.


Of course, ever since the outrageous, pro-Big Pharma, Reagan-era National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, nobody in America can sue vaccine companies (or their physicians or clinics apparently) for deaths, injuries, diseases or disabilities caused by vaccines. There is a separate vaccine-injury court for that, and it has a huge backlog of cases. The program is called The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of 1988 (VICP).

The VICP was set up two years after the NCVIA Act, but it is not financed by the vaccine industry. Rather, it is paid for entirely by a surcharge that patients have to pay each time they get a vaccination. Many roadblocks are set in place on the path to compensation that prevents justice from being granted to the vaccine injured. Most applicants that appear before that VCIP court are harassed and traumatized by delays, and every recipient who is finally awarded compensation is angry at the stingy level of payment, which never takes into account the lifelong cost of being permanently disabled.

According to the following list of VICP claims (posted at the website of just one law firm), most permanently injured patients (most of them are permanent neurological injuries) are awarded la small fraction of what is needed to sustain life for the rest of their lives.

This list only represents a fraction of the claims that were paid out in 2015. Read it and weep. And then, after also considering the fact that there are 271 new vaccines in the Big Pharma developmental pipeline (to perhaps be mandated by the CDC), reassess what corporate-influenced, for-profit medical institutions are telling us about the safety of America’s over-vaccination program.



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