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Max: Have you guys even read the Bible? You dont get to heaven because you believe in your checklist of dogma.. do unto others, the golden rule which he said in his speech is the essence and greatest commandment. Faith without works is dead and love of your enemy. This website sows hate especially against muslims. What good is it if you pray for someone to be clothed and have food but you dont help them yourself when you can. That is the gospel.

jaxon64: Careful Max–God frowns very seriously upon those who espouse false teachings and intentionally( or even accidentally) misquote the words of Jesus Christ to try and win a point.
Jesus says in Mark 12:30 that the greatest commandment is ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind”

This false teaching of Catholicism is satanic in nature–that Christ’s sacrifice and atonement on the cross is some kind of failure-and not enough. They teach that we are NOT saved through the grace of God but ultimately by also earthly deeds ( hence the pope’s recent comment about even atheists can go to heaven.)

I hope you are just confused, because what you just said is a direct teaching from satan himself. So get thee behind me satan-in the name of the Living God, Jesus Christ our Lord who has won Complete Victory over sin and death–I rebuke you.



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