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Wow! I read the article, I read some of the comments, and then I ask myself: "Is this by any chance the forum of the British National Party or some other fascist organization?" because it certainly makes me feel that way.

How can people that describe themselves as anarchists, use the same repressive arguments about intergenerational relationships as the people that we detest and fight against? Kids cannot give informed consent? Really? This is nothing short of an insult against young kids. Should I believe that the people that frequent this website are against youth liberation? Since by what I read here I take it you believe, like the present (patriarchal, authoritarian and heteronormative) society that children are inept in making correct choices and therefore the (insert repressive statist institution here) should make decisions for them.

I am against any kind of rape or other type of violence against children and young people, that should be clear to anyone! But in the same time I cannot understand how an anarchist website has transformed in a tribune for authoritarian statist views about sexuality. Not all things are black or white. You of all people should know that!



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