Andrew Hamilton #racist

Jews today exercise power unsurpassed by any other individual, group, or institution on earth. How long this situation will last is impossible to say. But if you’ve been digging for “the Answer,” the solution to the riddle of what makes the world tick, and your spade finally strikes “Jew,” then look no further. The live cable you’ve unearthed carries the secret power that can electrocute you.

Jews are the Main Enemy.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of exceedingly powerful, evil, dangerous non-Jewish (though usually not Jew-free) power centers in the world that can and do harm mankind, and can potentially harm or kill you, too. But none of them compare to the Jew. It is this fact that renders most historical parallels of little value as guides to contemporary revolutionary thought.

Despite their insatiable appetites and demands, and Jews are unconstrained by laws; they do not obey them and do not have to obey them. They are also unconstrained by morality. Therefore, there are no serious internal or external constraints upon their behavior.

Plenty of adventurers and daredevils court and even meet death daily for frivolous or even meaningless reasons. Yet few whites step forward to challenge the evil machinations of Jews and governments. It seems some other quality of character is required.

Jews resort to murder and physical violence with impunity. No government stops them. Indeed, governments are their accomplices, facilitators, and enablers. Jews delegitimize governments, or governments delegitimize themselves by their subservience to Jewry. ”Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Fear of the Jews” is a major factor in white passivity. (As is love of the Jews—but that’s a different subject.)



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