Steve Van Natten #fundie

Satan has been doing a number on the Christian home for many years now.
I wonder how many of you thought the following were harmless?

1. Walt Disney and Hollywood-

This was a TV show in the 1960s. It portrayed a witch who was married to a normal human. The man was a perfect jerk, and he had to be rescued in every show by the Satanic witch. Spells and occult powers were made to seem cute and interesting. This show did much to break down the Christian home against occult powers. Thousands of Christians watched this show faithfully.

Star Wars--
This show was loaded with Satanic imagery. The hero and the villain were reverses of Jesus Christ and Satan. Yet, I have a Spire Publishing book on my shelf in which the author shows that God ordained Star Wars in order to teach the great truths of the Bible in a subtle way. Never have I seen more insane blasphemy. Spire never withdrew the book or disclaimered it, so I assume they are still proud of it.

Mickey Mouse and the "funny books"--
We have a very old funny book of Donald Duck. In it, Donald uses a divining rod to find water. This kind of thing has been around for many years. The tragedy is that these funny books were never checked by Daddy and Mommy. They thought Walt Disney was their friend. Nothing could be further from the truth. Walt Disney got his start in the lime light by making cartoon teaching films for the US military. He did this to stay out of prison. Disney was up on drug charges in the early 1940s, and the judge gave him the choice of going to prison or working off the offense by making cartoon movies for the Military. This is the man you trusted?

Today, Mickey Mouse is portrayed as a magician who uses spells and occult powers to do violent acts. The alleged happy ending is the thing that fools pabulum sucking saints, and the kids flop down on the floor and are indoctrinated into the Satanic kingdom. Jungle Boy, a story by Kipling, is a classic product of a sick mind of a God hating man. Did you show it to your kids?



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