Debbie Schlussel #fundie

Ah, now I know why Sweden has bent over for Islam and given in to anti-Semitic Muslims to the point that Jews are told they can no longer live in Malmo and to the degree that an Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Competition cannot be held publicly in Malmo, out of fear that the Swedish police cannot control or stop Swedish Muslims from violently attacking them. It’s because the Swedes have given up on masculinity and are now training their boys to be chicks, their girls to become men. You think the Muslims in Sweden are following suit? Think again. They are filling the void this BS creates.

All hail the absurd feminism that has taken over this past and present Judenrein country. If they don’t have cojones when it comes to kids’ toys, you can’t expect them to have cojones when it comes to the JOOOOS. Oh, and a division of Toys “R” Us is helping promote this castration of boys.

Frickin’ moronic. The West won’t survive with nations full of Janet Napolitanos and RuPauls, as much as pop culture liars like Lady Gaga and Madonna want you to believe it’s so. Muslims move in to pick up the slack in the masculinity department. That’s exactly what they are doing all over effeminate Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

And, by the way, when feminists tried this crap in America in the ’70s and ’80s, it never worked. Girls always migrated back to the dolls, and boys always eschewed girl dolls and play ovens for trucks and G.I. Joes. But if you brainwash people enough, you get traction. And, sadly, things are changing–have changed–as I often decry on this site.

Although we rightly criticize the way Muslims treat women, the fact is that feminism has killed our men, our masculinity, and, frankly, the West’s will to fight Islam or anything else.

When you have no balls . . . you have no balls. It’s just that obvious.

If you have kids or grandkids or nieces and nephews, do your part by buying the girls feminine toys and the boys masculine ones. Do the opposite, and you are contributing to the feminization and downfall of the West.



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