Vince Morrison #fundie

The identity politics rhetoric spewed by clueless leftists thrives they realize the paternalistic and insulting nature of their conclusions, that the success Asian-Americans is attributed to white people "providing them the path"? Do these nitwits realize that alienation and absolvance of earned respect will lead to another Trump victory in four years?

There are three possible reasons for ignorance displayed by Jeff Guo, the author of this article:
1. He's a self-loathing Asian-American who is disillusioned by the fact that Asian-Americans are successful despite being a *gasp!* minority in the apparently evil, intolerant America.

2. He's trying his best to appease the fascist far-left contingent who inhabit the coastal metropolitan centers.

3. Occam's Razor: He's simply suffering from lunatic delirium.



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