Pat Riarchy #fundie

So it is now “society” that is holding females back. “Society” is made up of people. So people, both men and females, now hold females back from achieving their full potential. It’s everyone else’s fault. Females are never to blame. That’s why females have still achieved nothing in comparison to men. Females have had an eternity to invent things and build things and make empires. Apparently, females are so good at management that every company should have at least one.

What you highly intelligent females don’t seem to realise is that whoever makes the most money gets the promotion. This is called “free capitalist enterprise”. Apparently, tho, females are unable to reach these giddy heights on their own. Females are unable to create global empires. Men do it all the time. You can count the number of females on one hand. Yet these super intelligent females who are naturally super communicative and naturally able to run countries and corporations and have a natural urge to merge who are naturally better managers don’t ever seem to be able to put their super skills into practice. Maybe it’s because it’s all lies and females are virtually useless. Like females say they can do 2 things simultaneously and do them each as well as if they had done one at a time. This is nothing more than outright lies and not one psychiatrist in the world would agree with it. But that doesn’t stop females making these fairy tales into their “reality”

If females were actually intelligent they would solve the problem. They don’t. Females just introduce yet another third party to blame for their ineffectiveness.

The greatest piece of technology ever produced on this planet to date is the Hadron Collider. For all the resources poured into the project it has given us a return on our investment which is simply outlandish. We now know how many theories are incorrect. We now know that Professor Doctor Higgs’ calculations in the 60’s were correct. Mr Higgs was present in the lecture theatre when the second confirmation came through. He was sure his calculations were correct but did not expect it to be proven in his lifetime. Amazingly, there were no intelligent females on the project. One would think that when spending those sort of resources the best of the best would be warranted. And they were. And still no females. And why? Well, it’s society (meaning other females) that are holding females back because females have to be unambitious and talk drivel instead of intelligent conversations that men have. Intelligent females can’t have these conversations with other females because other females are as thick as 2 bricks. So intelligent females must dumb down their conversation. Funny that no intelligent females have ever thought to go against the mold but are forced to comply with it. This is yet another excellent example of why there are few females at the top.



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