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Obama’s comment “But you, the American people, have spoken,”

You are dad gum right we have spoken, you Marxist, constitution hating, economy destroying, friend to terrorists. We know you declared your run for your senate seat in the house of a known terrorist.

We spoke with our money and our actions. We went out and purchased every AR, M1A, and Mini 14 that was available. We purchased all of the 9mm, 40cal 45 cal, 223mm, .308 and even the .22 shells. We grabbed up the magazines, the reloading powder, the primers, and reloading components.

We know what is coming. We see you destroying the economy. We see you trying to destroy our military. We see you pushing for homosexuality in the boy scouts, trying to end DOMA, and we know that in world history, nations that accept homosexuality as normal soon after fall.

We are not fooled by you and your lies. We know that once the economy is destroyed, the heathen on welfare have no skills, they have not saved up food, and they do not have a garden, or means to care for themselves. They are armed, they have no morality, they were instructed that they are owed something, and they will pour out like ravenous wolves to steal, to murder, to rape, and to destroy. When they come for our food and supplies, we will band together, and we will kill them, and let the buzzards eat them.



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