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Yes yes yes. I grapple with this quite a bit as I have mental health issues going on. Never once have I thought it would be reasonable to make others/society do the work of self-acceptance FOR ME, because self-acceptance is MY WORK and I now take pride in this.

If these trans were treated as *women*, they'd have no choice but to examine their feelings and behavior in order to change once they met with a therapist. That's how regular human beings seeking help end up dealing with psychological trauma and dysfunction. But not these guys. Trans are actually treated super-human in this context...they are something so much more special than just a regular person. So special that their self-work is outsourced for the world at large to deal with.

It's MASCULINE to demand to be adjusted to, no matter how much it unsettles things. Masculine because it requires male power and privilege to execute. No woman wields that power. Nobody with a non-privileged lifestyle has this power, actually. It makes me sick to see their mental illness given such delusional, kids glove treatment VS. the burden that actual REAL women carry of shame and blame for their illness. They only get upset about THEIR suffering...no one suffers as much as them. That is grade-A fucking bullshit, but that is what most of their manipulation hinges on. They don't want help, they are above help.

Being honest and vulnerable with yourself is something I think we reject in this society and these men are exemplifying it. So are any therapists and doctors who do not criticize, only coddle...they are morally bankrupt. OR are they just being masterfully manipulated? There is added pressure by liberals to accept the unacceptable blindly. It must be stopped either way. Everyone must be honest with themselves sometime very soon.



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