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Domestic violence is violence that occurs among family members. When directed by a man toward his wife, domestic violence has been correlated with the couple's having more sex. Possible reasons that have been cited for the positive relationship between violence and marital sexual activity are that some couples are more likely to express themselves physically, whether they are expressing love or anger; or because of the honeymoon stage of the cycle of violence; or because physical violence is being used to induce the weaker partner to have sex.[1] A study by Carol Apt and David Farley Hurlbert confirmed, "the abused women reported a significantly greater frequency of sexual intercourse in their marriages than did the nonabused women."[2] A study by Alred DeMaris found that only a husband's violence, but not a wife's, is associated with greater sexual activity in marriage.[3]

Donovan Sharpe notes:[4]

Women are aroused by violent men whether they admit it or not. It doesn’t matter if that violence is legal (boxing, MMA, etc) or if it’s turned onto them, men who trade in violence, domestic, professionally, or otherwise, moisten the panties of females.

Of course females would never say this out loud. A girl would never tell her friends “My physically abusive boyfriend scares the shit out of me but it turns me on” lest she make herself look bad and be subjected to a battery of questions and furtive glances.

But we here in the ‘sphere know the truth. Anyone who doubts this needn’t look any further than the case of Chris Brown. He’s the butt of plenty of jokes but his career hasn’t suffered. In fact, since he beat the shit out of Rihanna, his celebrity has increased exponentially as most of his fans are females.

Buzzfeed and Huffington Post both posted articles in the wake of what they described as “disturbing reactions” to Brown’s domestic abuse charges. They were just beside themselves with befuddlement as to why women would openly admit to being aroused by Brown’s violence toward women.

It should come as no surprise to anyone here the two reconciled at one point when Rihanna decided to “put the incident behind her.” But their torrid love affair is hardly the tip of the iceberg. Women have always been drawn to violent men. From women who fall for serial killers, to females who date, and even marry men behind bars this phenomenon is nothing new.

Girls can say whatever they want but their biology will always win out in the end.´

According to Bonecrker, "violence against women is the normal, instinctual defence mechanism to prevent insane behavior on the part of women, from threatening survival."[5]

Emmanuel Goldstein advises that a juror in a domestic violence case should vote "not guilty" if a man is facing jail time for slapping his wife after she was caught cheating on him.[6]



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