brutus & notmenomore #racist

brutus: As racially aware people we're keenly aware of the all pervasive jew marketing strategy of jamming niggers down our throats in all advertising. There are virtually no ads for any products sold via all of the advertising organs that do not feature a nigger, usally accompanied with an adoring White girl, as part of the ad.

This leads me to the new Tesla Model 3 electric car that was just unveiled for sale a few days ago. Because of the superior nature of the Tesla when compared to all gasoline powered cars and the major success of the Model S, Tesla has found no need to advertise. The jew has effectively been totally cut out of the loop. We're certain we hear the jew gnashing its teeth over this as it scrambles to figure-out a way to suck some money out of the Tesla phenomenon.

And then those thoughts further led me to notice, as I was watching the many YouTube videos that feature everything Tesla.......incredibly, there is not one nigger to be seen in any of those videos! And then it hit me that on a subconscious level I was really enjoying these vids and Tesla's successes and being able to have happy moments without having a nigger intrude as they do in all other commercial advertising.

I'm certain the thugs from the NAACP will soon kick in the front door at Tesla corporate office and demand nigger representation. But until then, here's a nigger-free video to enjoy before the jew shoves one down Tesla's throat and we're made to watch an ad that features a nigger driving a Tesla with a beautiful White girl sitting next to him, smiling admiringly.

notmenomore: Nice nigger-free video and a nice nigger-free car, too.

I think I've got the basic formula in current use for "diverse" TV advertising. It goes like this:

If there are only Whites in an ad, then there can only be ONE (1) White. Under no circumstances can ANY ad have more than ONE (1) White unless there's a "diversity factor".

Anytime there is (or has been) an ad with the only one White, then the ad must be followed and preceded by a "diversity based" ad.

All diversity ads must include one nigger at the absolute bare minimum. But how can you have "diversity" if there's only a single nig? The answer, naturally, is that you can't. There must be many and diverse niggers as well as as much mystery meat as possible. (The ideal mystery meat is so mixed that its ingredients cannot be isolated or determined, but like the judge said about pornography, "you know it when you see it.")

A diverse ad cannot have only niggers, although occasionally a single nig in full monkey regalia: dress shirt & tie, suit and Rolex watch, can be allowed. But that's not true diversity. To attain the gold standard of true diversity it's imperative to have buck niggers surrounded by fawning and adoring White nubile females. They need to positively drool over the nigger, while the suave nigger pretends not to notice ().

Sequentially, the programmers can run as many consecutive diverse ads as they prefer, as long as the cardinal rule of not allowing any all-White ad to be followed by more of the same is observed. In fact all-White ads are really inexcusable and are apparently tolerated only because the sponsors seem to understand that bucks trying to sell life insurance, AARP memberships, and fancy medicare plans will yield zero results. Amazingly, that excuse seems to make it possible for the sponsoring juden to get away with (most) carefully selected White only commercials. As long as they run at a less than 10 to 1 ratio they somehow squeak by.

But the main genre is the happy group of wisecracking kids or horny young adults. Mostly nigs and mystery meat with a token White girl or two and maybe even a little White cuck over on the side. All the Whites are always paying closest attention to the wisdom being dispensed by the bucks (or loud sheboons). The more mud, the better.

TV forever and ever. AMEN.



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