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While America is busy partying, playing sports and moving away from God the enemy has come into the camp. The countries will wake up when it’s to late. How come the political candidates aren’t showing these videos? Because all they care about is themselves and the power they are after. I pray that Christ will come soon because I’m so sick of it all, society cares more about Hollywood and cell phones then what the future is going to present them. Halloween has surpassed Christmas now in sales and violence is everywhere, yes I know it’s the sign of the times and your representatives aren’t doing anything about it and they won’t. Say goodbye to your freedom soon and. Be prepared to see a lot of blood being shed because we don’t assimilate either to their deitys and the wickedness they want us to bow down to. A lot of blood and wars have been fought for the cross and more are to come. As the church stays asleep and without a march of their own in the streets these rats keep producing and taking orders from the pit. Wake up America were in judgement.



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