Peter Bell #fundie

Christians are called to love and serve others as Jesus died for all. However, we are not to become entangled in sin. 1Co 9 : 19-23 Heb 12 : 1 also v14-16 Jude 22,23.
You know full well it`s the message on the banner that the printer refuses, not the customer.
God is jealous for those who are His, and commands us to serve no other gods. Ex 20 : 3 also 34 : 14.
Whatever we can`t say "no" to is our god(s). The practice of homosexuality is your god petej, as you`ve tirelessly campaigned on this site for well over two years.
The LGBT have gleefully latched onto a form of revenge against Christians. Equality? They`re not interested. No one hopes for what he already has. Civil Partnership, with celibacy, is equality. Anything beyond that is vengeful.



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