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The Globalist "Global Warming" now called "Climate Change" was never anything but the fleecing of the American Tax Payers, as if we are not giving enough money already to those greedy countries, who hate us. The "power hungry globalist" are using "Agenda 21" and "Agenda 2030" which was drawn up by NGOs (Non Government Organizations) that are being paid by our own tax payer money, which we have been giving to the UN. Anyone who doesn't know about these two Agendas really should Google them and start reading. You may want to Google "Agenda 21 200 - 300 sq foot Apartments and look at the pictures of those "stack and pack" apartments that they plan to stick all of us in, once they proceed to take over all the Rural land in the U.S. They were well on their way to doing just that under the Obama Administration; BUT, I don't believe they will be able to complete their little "land grab" project while President Trump is in office; HOWEVER, once he is gone, and another Progressive is voted in, their little "land grab" project will pick up right where it left off. Oh, and the Globalist admit in their "Agenda 21" booklet that they are using the "Environment" to "Control" our lives, even down to "what we eat". Everyone owes it to themselves, if they don't already know about these two "Agenda(s) to do the Research and you will see exactly what I am talking about.



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