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If we don’t discriminate we negate and conscientiously ignore the foundations of natural law. Natural law being the ability to comprehend the difference between right and wrong. If freedom of association is still a stalwart pillar of a free people, then discrimination is a operational mandate of our existence. We must discriminate against things we know to be morally wrong to maintain a moral basis of operation.
As an old man banging on 50 like the room behind me is on fire, I accept that my wife is better by birth at many tasks then I could have ever imagined, absent her example. She is a better educator then I could ever hope to be. She draws a level of affection and bond to our children, having given birth to them, that is impossible for me to reproduce. She provides a kind of stability to our family that I cannot put a finger on. And in general most women put up with levels of crap from their husbands I am not certain God could have forecasted.
On the other side of the coin are man’s inherent abilities. Give me a minute….. Just kidding. When I say men, I mean old world men, not modern metrosexual or liberal effeminates. I would assume that most men can look at a collection of parts and logically deduce what, if assembled, they would produce; in many cases men are able to perform the assembly without instructions (all parts used and operation are not guaranteed). Or in short, we are mechanical beings. We welcome the opportunity to lay down our lives should the safety and security of our family be at risk, albeit hoping said outcome is not required. Our lessons to our children are cherished after they leave home, where a mothers influence is more directly tied to their time at home. If dad fixes a bike the kids thank mom today, but years later they thank him for all he did. We do not generally hold onto corrupt or corrosive family history, largely because we have the attention span of gnats, and the memory of goldfish, but more accurately because they are not that important.



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