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Mohammed is responsible for this.
You're more likely to be attacked by a democrat.
Roswell has a museum about aliens. Christianity today is a smoothed version of the harsh texts. Islam isn't smoothed. Islam is entering a period of change Christians completed long ago.

Very obscure. Look, I get it. There's a deep investment in pretending that nothing's going on in Islam, that Islam isn't retrograde and mideavel, that it's the same as Christianity. That explains things like millions of liberals obsessing over the 20 people in westboro baptist church. The liberals desparately need them; they serve an extremely important purpose.
See, here's the thing. You can find that in Christian text, just not in Christian practice. I know that's disappointing.

There's another Lib favorite on YouTube. It shows Christians being read parts of the bible picked to be extreme. It's designed to make Christianity look equivalent to Islam. Here's the thing. The Christians don't even recognize it as part of Christianity.

Now, show a Muslim a bit about the Koran having a hand cut off or being stoned and watch them nod.

Doesn't exactly make the point you think you're making.



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