Barbara Butterfield #fundie

"I can't believe this!" My mind screamed for surely it was capable of conveying panic to me much more loudly, and with far greater speed, than my legs were currently carrying me!
"I'm going to ram the Savior! What a swell way to begin eternity!" I inwardly lamented as my feet pounded upon the thick, green grass as I joyously careened down the knoll. I was an out-of-control, heat-seeking missile and the Son of God was the bogey on my radar!
"It wasn't bad enough what they did to Him while He walked upon the earth?!" My mind wailed, berating myself for my decided lack of dignity as my onward rush to judgment continued. "And now I'm... I'm actually going to send the King of Kings reeling? Oh my word!"
This awkward moment was nothing like the first time I had met Jesus in person, but every time I see Him I feel compelled to hurry to get to Him. I mean really, wouldn't you? But, it's not as if we don't have all the time in... eternity, right? Still, greeting the Son of God is always thrilling! It was always an odd mixture ot thankfulness and joyfulness, panic and terror, and yes, for some odd reason it was usually... way out of control! Yet the day had begun so beautifully, which just goes to prove that looks can definitely be deceiving. Read on, and file it under the category of: Don't Let This Happen to You!



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