Frank Toliver #racist

The five stages of racial awareness.

Guys I am thinking about a framework of the stages of racial awareness.

This has nothing to do with being told by parents and people who know better the truth of jews are nefarious, underhanded and evil/ niggers are shit and non whites are opportunistic animals. Though this is all true most whites will not accept it at face value, and must learn through experience unfortunately because of the indoctrination by the media and school system.

Please tell me what you think, if I am on track.

Stage 1; Ignorance; This is a stage of idealism or the effects of training by the jews/liberals on whites. At this stage one will believe the lies of how whites are evil and all non-whites are set upon and downtrodden. This is also a stage where people think the majority of the world is populagted by white people. Some remain in this state their entire lives. Due to the rationalization of reality.

Stage 2; Doubt; This is the stage where people start to see patterns and see that something is wrong, something stinks in Denmark (veryapropos today). The narrative of the liberals does not match with reality.

Stage 3; Confusion this is the stage where people start to see the big picture. The scales are removed from their eyes and they have to reconcile all the bullshit they have learned with reality. Many people fall back into fantasy and rationalization, because this is an easier path to take.

Stage 4; Deeper Research; This is the stage where one starts to actively seek out the truth and to shatter lies. An eye opener.

Stage 5; Anger / complaining; This step overlaps stage 4, and is all of the complaining and commenting on message boards, writing things on dollar bills, and lamenting. Unless it is followed to it's end, it is a collecting pool many never progress from. Also jumping from this step to Stage 7 is a mistake many make.

Stage 6; Acceptance; This is an acceptance of racial truths and taking an honest assessment of where we are as a people, and as an individual. This is a refined stage, where one knows what must be done and what the desired final destination is.

Stage 7; Proactive Action; This is the stage of actively beginning to fight the cause of the problem in whatever meaningful way can be accomplished.



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