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It has surprised me, to discover just how many demons there are out in our dimension. Far more than what most people realize! Especially when going out into public places, where others meet and go.

We have found though, that for the most part, it is possible to have a home that is relatively demon-free. Getting rid of idols, (that list of what was an idol was quite long and surprised me greatly!,) asking for forgiveness and repenting when we sin, watching what is brought into the home, (this includes what is viewed through TV and computer screens,) keeping our thoughts captive to Christ, and blessing the house and land with blessed olive oil, has mostly cleaned out our home from such demonic spirits.

Sadly for us, blessing the computer or TV screen was not enough to stop the attacks. (That was the first thing I did to try and prevent such attacks from happening.) We have not tried blessing the electrical outlets yet though, so this is something we will try. Thanks for the idea!



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