mel018 #fundie

Amen!! Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. If the Lord tarries, I have children that need a future in this country. After the Lord, their only hope here is if Trump has enough time to drain a big portion of the swamp and appoint more judges, especially Supreme Court judges. After Trump, assuming we are still here, let’s pray that someone good, like VP Pence, comes after him.

I completely agree with you though that I cant see how we could be here in even 4 years. However, I said the exact same thing 18 years ago when I got saved and started longing for the Lord’s return! On top of all the biblical signs, I think we are on the verge of another technological revolution, robotics and AI, that will greatly blur what it means to be human - messing with the genome, etc. I just can’t imagine the Lord allowing that to go far - a lot of it is abominable. Has anyone seen that new robot that does those flips? Amazing!!!



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