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(Atheists are doing billboards for the holiday season)

"Atheists are the most illogical people on the planet. They say there is no God yet they always try and fight him so hard with nonsense like this?

They say the Lord Jesus Christ is a myth yet he is a historical figure recorded in Jewish antiquity and Roman records? Thousands of witnesses recorded in scripture have seen him and Jesus apostles who are recorded figures in history as well has SEEN HIM RAISED FROM THE DEAD [Even after forsaking him when he was captured and hiding from the world yet months later the same followers of Jesus who abandoned him BOLDLY WENT BACK AND PREACHED JESUS IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD IN THE FACE OF DEATH]!

And how ironic for them to say that Satan is a myth when the Atheist serve him and don't even know it. These same people who say Satan doesn't exist are the same ones that say "there is no evil" or moral absolutes. [Yeah we know these are outright lies; the Devil is a liar]" Have they heard of Hitler? Stalin? Sung? Genocide going on in the world today? Slavery is bigger than it's ever been in HISTORY thanks to human sex traffickin­g.

Where in the world do you think OUR sinful/evi­l nature came from? There can be no temptation without a tempter, no effect without cause. This all came from Satan, why? because he was the first to sin from the beggining (sic)."



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