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The Jews have, of course, gained global notoriety for sacrificing babies (and aborted fetuses) to various pagan idols and eating the dried blood of innocent Gentile children and Christians in the matzo. Worse still, the corpses of Gentile children and Christians abused after that fashion have, in more recent times, been callously minced up in meat processing plants that supply popular hamburger outlets, like McDonalds, instead of just tossed behind a bush, in a rubbish bin, or down a well, as the traditional Jewish method of disposal.


In fact some Jews have even sacrilegiously suggested that Jesus Christ was commanding his disciples and all Christians to literally eat his flesh and drink his blood, as a new sort of Passover rite, which is why so many of his Jewish disciples “turned back and walked no more with him” from that time, in the New Testament. A commandment from the Lord that has even been corrupted by apostate Jews to try to justify their condemnation of Jesus Christ and endorse their rite of eating the dried blood of children and Christians in the matzo since that time.

Especially since the Jews know that the Roman Catholic sect in Christendom teaches cannibalism and vampirism, by arguing that the wafer and wine used in the “sacrifice” of the mass are the literal body and blood of the Lord. A patent and ludicrous falsehood, mind you, because the original fleshly body and literal blood of the Lord are, of course, no longer extant; because scripture says the Lord ascended into heaven and is at the right hand of God in a bloodless celestial body of “flesh and bone” only, that’s of course quite different from the one he died in.

Having said all that, the Jews have, of course, also sacrificed babies and eaten their blood in the matzo, more generally, because they’ve inherited the wicked nature of the murderous fallen angel Satan and worshiped idols made in his image, ever since God delivered them to Satan for rejecting and opposing his righteous Son Jesus. An evil tendency no doubt exacerbated by the Jews’ innate desire to punish Gentile babies and Christians in a vindictive and sadistic way, simply because Jews have been jealous of them, ever since they realized Gentiles had come into the good of the blessings of God, by receiving the gospel the Jews rejected in the first century.



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