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The Occult Roots of the Postgender Movement

A long time ago, there were three kinds of human beings:

Male, ? descended from the sun; ¤

Female, ? descended from the earth; ?

and Androgynous, with both male and female elements, descended from the moon. ? ? ?


Plato's myth of the Androgyne:

The original unity;
The union of the sexes in one individual,
Cleaved asunder, divided.
Our sexual quests and forays are
Our pathetic attempts to regain this original unity.
Adam was androgynous, the original androgyne;
Eve, his opposite self, was taken out of him.
He and Eve, now incomplete and unhappy,
Sin against God's will and are driven out of the garden.
Condemned to search the world over,
They never suspect that they are
Unconsciously searching for each other.
We are condemned to search, too:
In sexual conquests, food, money, power, status;
But never in the right places - within ourselves.
The legacy of our fallen parents.


Bacchus/Dionysos arrives this December 25, 2015

The Occult Roots of the Postgender Movement


Is Bruce Jenner's transformation a tribute to the androgynous God Dionysos?

Bacchus renascitur; ?



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