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I was heavily involved in D&D for about 2 years. I witnessed people turning away from God and turning to a total life of fantasy. I saw grown men sit in a corner and cry because their character died after they pleaded to their "god" to "save" them. I was trying to be a "good" Christian and played this game like it was going out of style. I quit after I saw that I only got excited about this stupid game and not the things of God. I was offered some serious $$ for my characters, but said no. D&D involves witchcraft, sorcery, demons, and so much more. I've been around folks that were into Witchcraft, had "friends" visit them and other things as well. Thankfully, they were saved from hell by a Loving God. To say this puke means nothing, or have no influence on you is the same as listening to Marilyn Manson or watching pornography and saying they have no influence on you either. This is not reaching for straws or comparing different things. They all come from the same pit of hell. Does it matter who wrote something if it promotes something that is not Godly? Only if you think His standards change. I understand that this part of the forum has folks with different standards, so some of you won't agree with me, but I can live with that too.

P.S. For those that think the Bible has "fiction" in it....what part(s)?



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