Painter #conspiracy

I don't believe we need any more evidence than has been generated already to show MOST PEOPLE that the official lies about 9/11 can not possibly be true. As far as I'm concerned, that right there is "success" -- end of phase one.

Now it is time to go on to phase two and three (which we've been doing): That being (1) spreading the word far and wide and (2) forming a real, viable, political COALITION (this is not a right/left issue) that stands in direct OPPOSITION to 9/11 LIES. We have our litmus test: Any politician, bureaucrat, talking head or media that supports the official story can not be trusted or supported and must ultimately be exposed, overthrown and held accountable (Steps four, five and six.)

Now, if Nico can come up with COMPELLING evidence that can be grasped by a mind of average intelligence in FIVE SECONDS or less that proves conclusively that no planes hit the towers, then this can be included in our arsenal of 9/11 truths used to counter the lies.



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